Friday, July 10, 2009

One healthy habit at a time

Last time I posted, it was February! And that was around the same time that I was thinking about healthy eating. I stopped thinking about losing weight. Surgeries, bills, Dr's appts, possible move, Mom visiting, possible job change for Dan, school...they all took priority. And my health in the mean time was left in the dust. No more excuses. I can still have a busy life AND be healthy at the same time.

I need to find a balance. I am trying to start one healthy habit at a time. My main motivation to "get back on the saddle" was when Dan told me his weight. He has not been able to exercise due to his ankle injury. And we have been eating garbage! Hearing how much weight Dan had gained, made me take a look in the mirror. I then told him my weight. I then looked at my two adorable boys. I realized that I can have them eat healthy food, and eat garbage myself right now. But soon they will be mimicking our eating habits. And I want healthy eating to be a regular lifestyle for all 4 of us. Dan and I have both always struggled with our weight. We both are currently making changes to prevent that from happening to Ben and Zach.

And then my friend Heather, told me what eating changes she was making in her own life. I was so proud of her. And it lit a fire under my rear. It motivated me to go home, talk to Dan about our eating habits. And make some serious changes.

So here we are at the beginning again. Starting with a few changes at a time. And trying to make them habits.
Change 1 - No eating any food after 7 pm at night. We had a late dinner one night at 7:15. So our cut off time was 8 that night.
Change 2 - It is not all or nothing. Give yourself wiggle room to accommodate your lifestyle. Do not beat yourself up over a mess up. You are not perfect!
Change 3 - Water, crystal light, light lemonade, herbal tea, sugar free hot cocoa, juices are OK. No to any other drinks.
Change 4 - Ignore the 330 calorie ice cream bars and 230 ice cream sandwiches in the freezer. They are special treats/bribery for Ben only!

These are the strict rules for us for the first 2 weeks. Or until we feel we have turned these changes into habits. We have also been working on other things. But the main focus are the 4 changes above. I personally am trying to eat within an hour of waking up. This gets my metabolism going.

Next week, Dan and I both have appointments to speak with a nutritionist. Yet another free military perk!

It's been tough. But the pay off is SO worth it! I am down 6 pounds. And Dan is down 17 pounds now!!!!!