Friday, October 29, 2010

Back from low point

I had a really bad experience at Zumba about a month ago. I have not gone back since.

Long story but it can be summed up by saying this - A rude and mean lady was telling her child to beat up mine. Another lady chimed in her bold opinion. Race was also brought up. I left in tears.

Just as I was gaining back my self confidence. Zumba toned my body and helped me lose inches so easily. Of course my muscles were killing me at times and I was sweating like a pig........but I had so much fun, it did not feel like exercise. I was down 12 pounds!!!!

I looked forward to attending the class. I did not feel like the biggest gal in the class. I felt a unity with the women that attended the class with. Military wives that lost themselves were getting their groove back. And it felt good.

Now I find myself back in a slump. I went to a friends wedding. I felt huge. I wore an unflattering shirt that I did not realize was unflattering until 2 minutes before leaving for the wedding. So there was no time to find another shirt because I was on I vaca away from my closet. Because I had to travel 8 hours to the wedding, I was also bloated and retaining water. It happens every time I travel. Unfortunately I had no time to lose the water weight before attending the wedding.

So, I went through a few weeks where I was not exercising and eating horrible processed, sugary food. I gained weight. And then I felt like all the hard work of Zumba was a waste. Then something snapped in me and said, "Hey! Get it together! Stop eating all the crap!"

So, had I blogged 2 weeks ago....... I would have said I was at a very low point. But, today I am working on getting my groove back.

So basically back to ...
Step 1. Starting with making healthier choices. And what a time to choose right? The candy month? But I am actually proud of myself. Listening to my body when I am full. And I am also working on eating healthy snacks. Now to master the portion size situation.
Step 2. Working on being more active with the boys and Dan. Trips to the park and doggy park. Getting out of the house. Turning off the TV.