Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missing the treadmill

I find myself missing the gym and all things related to working out. I miss Zumba. I miss swimming laps in the pool. And when I have the okay to work out again post partum, remind me of what I am about to say........I even miss the.....TREADMILL!

I miss the endorphins of working out. I miss the feeling of (literally) sweating my buns off.

My body is turning to mush and I am losing my "good" curves that I was starting to get back.

For health reasons this will be my last pregnancy. I am so grateful that I am able to conceive a beautiful baby and carry her in my tummy. And I am over the moon excited that we broke the Gardner curse with getting prego with a girl.

But, I find myself having twinges of jealousy when Dan goes out to ride his bike. Or when I see a Zumba commercial, I honestly feel depressed.

So please remind me in August, when I have recovered from the c-section, and I am cursing the walls of the gym.....please remind me how good it makes me feel. And remind me how much I missed it. ;)