Thursday, August 14, 2008

Healthy Dreaming

I was just day dreaming about decorating our home. First, I have slowly been collecting items to decorate our kitchen in a vintage design of 50's diner style. This picture came to my mind. I think this would be really fun to have in our 50's retro kitchen.
And then my dreams went wild as I watched a home make over on the Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood reality show. I really love the octopus wall paper in the toddler boys room.
Another view of the adorable boys room.
Then I started to hyperventilate when I saw the master bedroom. This is by far the closest thing to my dream master bedroom that I have ever seen. Wow! Gorgeous!
Yes please.............

Trading in runnning shoes for house shoes

For now the red running shoes are traded in for pink fuzzy slippers. The closer I get to Zach's due date, the less energy I have. So, as excited as I am to start back up my exercise program when Zach is born. It sure is nice to focus on which house shoes fit the best, and which place should I elevate my pink pedicured toes...........

As far as staying healthy through the pregnancy......I have gained 7 pounds to date. And my blood pressure has stayed steady with 120/80 and below. I am also trying to drink lots and lots of water to prevent the cankles and puffy fingers that I had with Ben's pregnancy. So that also means going easy on salty foods. My current hard thing to resist is soda. Root Beer.....I have really wanted Root Beer....I am trying to resist but it's hard.....

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am so pregnant...........

So today at lunch I found myself dipping barbeque kettle chips into cottage cheese with peaches. Then added tuna with lemon pepper.....WOW!

And tonight I satisfied another craving.....Costco cheese pizza and chocolate covered strawberries.....SO BAD I KNOW!
I don't know why I got the whole pizza. I could only eat 1 slice. It will most likely sit in the fridge. Just like the ice cream craving I had that sits in the freezer wondering why I don't want it anymore. Good news is, so far to date I have only gained 4 pounds total with this pregnancy. For the most part I eat fairly healthy with little Zach. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

6 1/2 months prego

Getting closer and closer to the finish line is becoming sureal! I miss Dan being here to take pictures of my growing belly each month. This fabulous bathroom shot will have to due for now. :)

A healthy change

July - I chopped off my hair and lightened it. Now it's August and I have new glasses. I think a little healthy change is good. What will be the new thing in September???? HMMMM..we'll see....