Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Checking in

So a few days ago, the hubby and I made a huge decision. We decided that we are going to move to a bigger place. We move on Saturday! So exercising has temporarily switched from lifting weights at the gym to lifting boxes at the house. Still trying to be as healthy as possible. For the next week, we are eating out more than I would like. But this helps us pack faster. It eliminates dishes. And we are in paper products mode right now. So, I have to work extra hard to make smart choices. But, I am still trying!

Our house is filled with fruit from Costco, and bottled waters. Mini crystal light travel packs are ready. Trying to not drink any soda. I just threw away Halloween and Christmas candy!!!! Drinking protein shakes in the morning. And the boys have healthy snacks.

Does anyone have any smart ideas or tips for staying healthy during a move?

*Megan - Good luck with Weight Watchers! Thank your for the comments. The support really helps me!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to life...Live the Life that is!

Wow.....September! That is the last time I was on this blog! It was probably also the last time that I had the desire to stick with healthy eating and exercising. After my stroke in September, I was told by my Neurologist, that I was not allowed to do any working out... AT ALL! Until they figured out what was going on with my body. This frustrated me big time. I was on a roll. I was down 12 pounds. And I was feeling GOOD about myself! And then fast forward to today and I am like the opposite of that feeling.

I know that when I work out, I have the desire to eat healthy, and toss the garbage/processed food out. And when I don't...well lets just say..... I gained back the weight I had worked so hard to lose and then some! Dan having surgery, the holidays, football food, and my birthday, did not help matters either! Boo! I have been so down on myself. Low point..... However, my wonderful husband has inspired me to get back and get healthy with him. He is also at a low point when it comes to self esteem. He has also gained a lot of weight from poor eating choices and not being able to work out post surgery. He helped me turn things around. A Christmas present from him to me was Your Shape for Wii. Then my birthday presents were focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Well, today we are fresh and ready to go! Today is day 1, week 1 of our Live the Life program. Dan has also purchased his Men's Health big book of exercises. He will be following the work outs from that book. I will be following the exercises from the Live the Life book in moderation. (Until I get the EEG, I am being smart about not over-doing it.) And as for food, well I am on meal 3/day 1.... and clean food never tasted better! Sugar makes my stomach hurt. Fried and greasy foods just make me feel yuck. Clean eating gives me energy and a desire to be healthier!

So happy that Dan got me a new IPOD for my birthday! My old one broke a few months back. Oh, how I missed you hot pink IPod! Dan and I are hitting the free family gym on base in a few minutes. The boys can play in the play area. And Dan and I can work out! And when Dan is at work, I can use Your Shape Wii fitness work out and dumbbells.

5 pound dumbbells - another birthday present from my wonderful hubby! So to anyone who feels down and is tired of starting over AGAIN and AGAIN. I say that I feel your pain! But, the fact is that if I want to be that healthy example to my boys and active person that I miss......then I need to get my booty in gear! Let's get it in gear together!