Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to life...Live the Life that is!

Wow.....September! That is the last time I was on this blog! It was probably also the last time that I had the desire to stick with healthy eating and exercising. After my stroke in September, I was told by my Neurologist, that I was not allowed to do any working out... AT ALL! Until they figured out what was going on with my body. This frustrated me big time. I was on a roll. I was down 12 pounds. And I was feeling GOOD about myself! And then fast forward to today and I am like the opposite of that feeling.

I know that when I work out, I have the desire to eat healthy, and toss the garbage/processed food out. And when I don't...well lets just say..... I gained back the weight I had worked so hard to lose and then some! Dan having surgery, the holidays, football food, and my birthday, did not help matters either! Boo! I have been so down on myself. Low point..... However, my wonderful husband has inspired me to get back and get healthy with him. He is also at a low point when it comes to self esteem. He has also gained a lot of weight from poor eating choices and not being able to work out post surgery. He helped me turn things around. A Christmas present from him to me was Your Shape for Wii. Then my birthday presents were focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Well, today we are fresh and ready to go! Today is day 1, week 1 of our Live the Life program. Dan has also purchased his Men's Health big book of exercises. He will be following the work outs from that book. I will be following the exercises from the Live the Life book in moderation. (Until I get the EEG, I am being smart about not over-doing it.) And as for food, well I am on meal 3/day 1.... and clean food never tasted better! Sugar makes my stomach hurt. Fried and greasy foods just make me feel yuck. Clean eating gives me energy and a desire to be healthier!

So happy that Dan got me a new IPOD for my birthday! My old one broke a few months back. Oh, how I missed you hot pink IPod! Dan and I are hitting the free family gym on base in a few minutes. The boys can play in the play area. And Dan and I can work out! And when Dan is at work, I can use Your Shape Wii fitness work out and dumbbells.

5 pound dumbbells - another birthday present from my wonderful hubby! So to anyone who feels down and is tired of starting over AGAIN and AGAIN. I say that I feel your pain! But, the fact is that if I want to be that healthy example to my boys and active person that I miss......then I need to get my booty in gear! Let's get it in gear together!

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Miss Megan said...

Glad to see you back on here! You motivate me momma! I understand EXACTLY what you are saying - I totally get it. I told Mike when we came back from California I was going to do Weight Watchers. I think the hardest part is that first phone call! Thanks for the inspiration...