Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Checking in

So a few days ago, the hubby and I made a huge decision. We decided that we are going to move to a bigger place. We move on Saturday! So exercising has temporarily switched from lifting weights at the gym to lifting boxes at the house. Still trying to be as healthy as possible. For the next week, we are eating out more than I would like. But this helps us pack faster. It eliminates dishes. And we are in paper products mode right now. So, I have to work extra hard to make smart choices. But, I am still trying!

Our house is filled with fruit from Costco, and bottled waters. Mini crystal light travel packs are ready. Trying to not drink any soda. I just threw away Halloween and Christmas candy!!!! Drinking protein shakes in the morning. And the boys have healthy snacks.

Does anyone have any smart ideas or tips for staying healthy during a move?

*Megan - Good luck with Weight Watchers! Thank your for the comments. The support really helps me!


Miss Megan said...

I heard you were moving - will you be near your old place, or are you moving closer to us? Just curious....

It sounds like you've got all the stuff you need for a move. I'm afraid I have no suggestions, other than stay strong and go to Subway rather than Dominoes! Good luck momma!

P.S. Call if you need any help!

Englishfam said...

What day is the big move? I am sure James would love to help and maybe I could tag along and see you too! Let me know. As for eating healthy while moving, yikes. It is so hard even when you are settled! Just try your best and try to get things that are easy to cook but healthy, like maybe some smart ones or lean cuisines. I love the lean cuisine pizzas. They are yummy. I am proud of you for getting back on track. It is hard and I am not looking forward to it when I am done having this little one! Although I should be doing it now, shame on me! You are awesome and I am happy that you guys will be sticking around for a little bit longer! :)