Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No posts for awhile

Hello to all who check this site -

Just wanted to let you know that because of my busy life, I will not be posting on this site for awhile. I will let you know when I come back.

The movers came yesterday and took just about everything! We still have our computer, but no computer desk so our puter is not hooked up. I am actually posting from the library today.

Hope you are all having a healthy, happy, summer! I am trying my best to continue to stay active and eat healthy!

Aloha! See you on the mainland!

Love, Leah

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Friday - date night

Breakfast - cinn weight control oatmeal and a banana, vitamins, water
Lunch - California rolls with wasabi and soy sauce, sips of groovy guava jamba juice
Dinner - Hello date night! Pirates of the Carribean 3 rocked my pirate boat! ARGG MATEY!! 2 slices of delicious pizza, popcorn, root beer, some raisinets, sips of sprite and diet coke

Exercise - Does cleaning house and watching 2 toddlers count?!?!?!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday - day of skin cancer steroid injection treatments - yah I deserved the chocolate

Breakfast - plain silk soy milk and cheerios

Lunch - Tuna, mayo, and lemon pepper mixed and put on 3 light rye WASA crackers

Snack -popcorn, chips, salsa, peanut butter(yah - I think I am having pregnancy cravings)

Dinner - half steamed rice half fried rice with terriaki chx and little bit of orange chx, 3 cream cheese ragoons, and some orange soda.

Dessert - Butterfingers ice cream bar

Exercise - I rested in bed and watched chick flicks. Today I had multiple needles shot in to my shoulder and chest. I totally deserved every treat I got. Man was I in pain. That's enough to coat my body in sunscreen every time I leave the house.....learn from this my friend...sunscreen is your friend!
**And last but certainly not least - I have an amazing husband who came home from work early, watched Ben and Lily while I rested, then took Ben and grocery shopped, and brought me home special perfume and a willow tree. I love Dan so much. He spoils me.......

Wednesday - HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!

Breakfast - banana(was really busy getting ready for the day)

Lunch - broccoli, tuna, whole wheat pasta noodles, shredded cheddar cheese, garlic salt sprinkled on top

Dinner - homemade mini sub sandwiches(rye sub bread, little mayo, little Dijon mustard, romaine lettuce, pepper jack cheese, turkey and ham) light fat free pringles, apple slices, few pieces of celery, root beer and Hansons natural diet soda

Snack - tiny bit of cotton candy(most of it melted from humidity by the time Dan walked back to where Ben and I were saving our firework spot)

Late dessert - when getting back home I had some of the jello flag mold I made. - sugar free strawberry jello, sugar free cool whip, blueberries, and strawberries.
Exercise - Today my exercise was walking from car to block party at Pearl Harbor, back to car, then walking to picnic spot, then back to car...... Today's exercise was walking!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday - holiday before the holiday

breakfast - nutri grain waffles, frozen blueberries, syrup

Snack - 2 light rye wasa crackers spread with Skippy's natural peanut butter

Lunch - spicy guac pringles, whole wheat rye sub bread, light mayo, Pavarotti with jalapenos cheese, turkey and ham, Dijon mustard.

Snack - 1 kashi chewy granola bar, pina colada smoothie

Dinner - 1 whole wheat tortilla with fat free refried beans and sprinkled cheddar cheese; some broccoli with minced garlic and a few pasta shells with minced garlic; water

Snack/Dessert - 1 serving of homemade banana pudding

Exercise - Hiked Diamond Head Crater - this was about a total of an hour and a half - that included 271 stairs!!!- Can anyone say FEEL THE BURN??

Monday, July 2, 2007

Not so bad after all, just a few adjustments

So after reading over my food logs from the weekend, I realized that I did make some poor food choices. But, all in all I think it comes down to bad snacking. It also comes down to being so busy, forgetting to eat, starving and eating anything I can get my hands on when I do finally have the time to eat.

So until I can get more time in my day to fully plan out meals during the weekend, I just have to eliminate those poor choices from the house. For Example: tortilla chips and guac, brownies, snicker bar at grocery store, baked lays...and so on.

Back on the saddle again Monday

Breakfast - cinn weight control oatmeal made with plain silk soy milk; raisins; water; vitamins

Lunch - romaine lettuce, grilled chx, lemon juice and olive oil mixed to make homemade salad dressing, orange slices; baby carrots dipped into roasted red pepper hummus

Snack - kashi chewy granola bar

Snack - pringles, grapes

Snack - spinach dip and bread bites

Dinner - wheat 6" sub roll, turkey, ham, romaine lettuce, 1 slice of Colby jack cheese, 1 slice of pepper jack cheese, light mayo, Italian seasoning; Hanson's dark cherry diet natural soda

Dessert - Dan had the night off the next day and I have been meaning to make this for days now. So in celebration of the holiday I finally made it -
Banana pudding!!! - I made it with sugar free pudding and plain silk soy milk, banana slices, and vanilla wafers.

Exercise - swam laps in pool for 30 minutes, played with Dan and Ben in pool for another 20 minutes

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Today was fast Sunday - for those of you who don't know what this is - it's when I fast for 2 meals and focus on my sprituality a little more. Well, the problem with this is when getting back home from church(our church schedule right now is 3-6 because we share the church building with multiple congregations) I am starving. So this is what happened -

In the car ride home from church -ate a granola bar(chewy kashi)

Ate these while the turkey dogs were grilling -baked lays; schezuan chips; diet root beer; 1 brownie(leftover from movie time last night)

Finally ate our meal - but was basically too full. I could not imagine not eating a real meal so i overate even when full......2 turkey hotdogs with chili and sprinkled cheddar cheese;1 diet natural hansons black cherry soda

Ate this while talking to Dan and just enjoying our evening -1 caramel cone by skinny cow